ZET kayaks in USA

When I was waiting for this years padddling season I was pretty sure that I have to spend another great summer on the west coast of USA. As I was more than happy 2 years ago working and paddling on Payette river in Idaho it wasn't hard at all to picture mysefl there again this year.

Plan was set, leave to Payette river as soon as possible to catch some good early summer flow and also finally do some paddling in shorts and just shirt. Unfortunatelly because of school and some other stuff I wasn't able to leave before June 18th, well maybe I will catch that North Fork Championship some other day.

 Anyway, here I was in Banks, Idaho standing next to raging river which can't be found anywhere in Europe. It was North Fork time and it's 15 miles of pretty continous class V whitewater with good flow of 2500cfs. I have to say that North Fork has definitely deep spirit and every lap there is going to pump your heart higher and higher.

During my 3 month long stay, it's hard to keep track how many times I've taken Director down the North Fork, but it was definitelly on daily schedule. Sometimes even before first kayak teaching has started at 9am, we were lucky to paddle at least 5km from our camp spot to Banks where North Fork meets South Fork of Payette (class 3 – 4) and becomes Main of Payette (nice class 2-3). Anyway, paddling North Fork everyday pushes limits of every kayaker, it's really impressive to see how local paddlers becomes better and better just during the summer.

It's hard to say any bad about this great river, it has became one of the best rivers I've ever paddled. It has just everything – big technical moves, big holes and not so flushy ledge holes, it's just all paddler wants. Also ZET boats,that were around Cascade (Veloc, Raptor and Director), have been  doing really well there. There has been more than 50 people trying them out and most of them fell in love with them. Probably the biggest success also is that owners of Cascade, famous Long family, has orderded first boat container coming to USA, so people should start to be curious about them and get in touch. It's possible to make it happen through Facebook now (https://www.facebook.com/ZetKayaksUsa).

Anyway 3 months flew away super quickly and now it's time to be back in Europe and paddle some rivers around here. Eventhough I just got back from there, I already miss that place. There is no doubt that I will be back on Payette river soon again.

Also thank you ZET kayaks and Cascade company. This summer wouldn't be the best one of my life without you!