Sick Line 2013

egor6 sickline

by Egor Voskoboynikov I love Austria, its nature, mountains and rivers, especially the valley of Oetz. I also love competitions, their spirit and atmosphere. But Adidas Sickline is not just a competition, it is the World Championships. This is the main reason why I came here five times in a row. This year I arrived one week before the start of the competition to hold more training. But during the week the water level was constantly changing from very high, when it was impossible to paddle the competition section, to low, when it was not so much fun and we had… more

  23 October 2013       ZET Kayaks

ZET Director in BC


by Mark Basso After one of the most personally extensive paddling seasons in years, it feels unjust not to include the ZET Director as another reason why a fine summer adventure spent on the rivers of Norway, Siberia and British Columbia went off with some better than expected paddling enjoyment. Most paddlers in Europe are now aware of the amazing build quality that ZET kayaks are bringing to the whitewater paddling market, so when news came of a new bigger ZET design I was admittedly very interested in a boat I presumed would be true to the growing reputation that ZET… more

  10 October 2013       ZET Kayaks