Spring is coming, Saalach in Lofer is running

img 6964 lofer

by Anne Huebner After a dry winter which didn´t bring much snow to the northern Alps, spring started to show its face during the last couple weeks. So kayakers from southern Germany – even some from the North - and those northern Austrians woke up from their winter sleep, got their kayaks ready and started searching for the first running rivers to paddle. Due to the little snow pack this year there were only a few options and so it was no surprise to meet all those kayak bums at the big parking lot in Lofer ready to have as much… more

  24 March 2014       ZET Kayaks

Portugal 2014


by Jakub Sedivy This winter, there was a hard decision, where to go kayaking. Quite a few factors got involved. At the end of the Borneo Expedition I have got sick with leptospirosis which resulted in loosing my Nepal tickets. Bummer. I came back home to Czech with the plan of recovery and as soon as I got better the plans for another paddling mission came to life.   With the not so typical winter for Europe, we put together a crew of friends from Czech and left with hopes for good water levels in Corsica. Everything turned around in Pilsen,… more

  19 March 2014       ZET Kayaks