Southern Turkey part 2.


Manavgat is one of the bigger rivers in this region and is supposed to be also good in May/June. We were not sure if the section we were about to put on is the one we thought it is, but it looked reasonable. 5km of class IV-V should be good to go before it gets dark. To save some time, we spit group in two smaller ones and hit the river. This section was kind of big boulder garden with quite a lot undercut rocks and sieves. We rallied as fast as possible because we put on like 2 hours before… more

  14 April 2014       ZET Kayaks

Southern Turkey part1.

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When first sun shows up in the spring time, all kayakers start to look which destinations are good hit. Since Corse or Portugal is not always friend with river gods, decision has been made to give it a try in Southern Turkey in Antalya region. Flight tickets were pretty cheap and 8 days on the water should be just enough to fulfill our paddling desire. I was bit worried about flying with 7 boats, but Turkish airlines had no problem to fit them all, so after few hours and one transit we found ourselves in Antalya.  Antalya region is well-known for… more

  9 April 2014       ZET Kayaks