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Vit Přindiš - overall Slalom World Cup winner “The initial impression is that the boat is very “alive”. It responds well to the paddle and changes direction easily to give a dynamic ride. The boat accelerates and gains speed with the first strokes, but it does need active paddling and, therefore, would be recommended for competent paddlers. I have never paddled a plastic boat that is so easy to change direction. Ripping into eddies with a good edge and speed the boat carves and behaves like a slalom kayak, dynamically taking an eddy. I think this boat would be super fun… more

  16 January 2018       ZET Kayaks

Greenland expedition


by Edu Sola Last summer a group of four Spanish paddlers went to Greenland for some expedition kayaking. Only few groups of kayakers had been there before, that´s why most of the rivers of this great island are already unexplored. The biggest accomplishment of the trip was, for sure the exploration of the Kurssuaq River. This river flows from the Ice Camp to the sea, making in his way around 100 km of nice white-water. Sailing inside the Fjord After that, starting on the end of the fjord, we walked up the valley, all the way up to the Ice Camp.… more

  21 February 2017       ZET Kayaks

new TORO


ZET kayaks presents the Toro, a new generation kayak. Long development and testing have resulted in a kayak that every active kayaker will be excited about. The Toro is not specific to only racing or expeditions but is aimed at all categories of paddlers, from serious whitewater racers to beginners in a local kayak club. The Toro’s progressive bow gives it a racing disposition, a stable stern and innovative hull keep it stable and maneuverable. This boat is incredibly easy to steer and keep on line. The Toro is a kayak designed for all paddlers who want to enjoy the river… more

  18 November 2015       ZET Kayaks

Summer in BC

balls to wall Palo A

This year is one of the driest seasons in BC. It rained only for two or three days in last two months. Combined with very low snowpack from winter equals dry rivers. But it is not as bad as it looks. There is still something to paddle.  After first few days spent in Whistler, Callaghan became my favourite run. Fun boulder garden with few nice drops and waterfalls is one of the Whistler’s classics. The most famous in area is probably Cheakamus. You can meet all the locals every evening on the upper Cheakamus, fun class 4 river with easy drop on the beginning… more

  10 August 2015       ZET Kayaks

Spring in Canada

Elk river

our team paddler Palo Andrassy take a break here in Europe and he went to Canada for a year mission.. here is first report from him: In the middle of April, after long winter in Calagary, we packed all our staff to minivan and set off for some paddling in Canada and US. Our trip started in Fernie with nice water levels and perfect weather. According to locals it is usually snowing in Fernie in April, but we had 20 degrees and sunshine. Winter without paddling was hard to survive but after few laps on river Elk we felt reborn again.… more

  29 May 2015       ZET Kayaks

Alps are finally IN

Matej Holub, Strahl, Branderberger

Story by Matej Holub  Photo by David "Vory" Sodomka After quite a long winter, we all have been eagerly awaiting first snow melt. Our car was loaded with 5 ZET Directors ready to travel wherever the water might be. Weather was a big help this weekend therefore we were invited with great water levels on Brandenberger Ache on Saturday morning. Brandenberger Ache consists of many sections. We decided that the best option is to start all the way on the top on Kaiserklamm and paddle all the way down to Kramsach. Kaiserklamm is pretty narrow gorge about 1km long with multiple… more

  14 April 2015       ZET Kayaks

Corsica Early Bird 2015!

2015 corse

 Year after year, when the winter comes to an end and every Paddler is going to get ready to start the kayaking season it is time for me to go to Corsica! Due to the fact I haven´t spent my winter in the sunny southern hemisphere for the first time since six years my winter felt incredibly long and I was craving for paddling and living Outdoor again. Corsica means to me to witness spring awakening. Birds are singing in the morning, fresh and green grass is coming through the ground, first trees start blooming and the sun is sending out… more

  30 March 2015       ZET Kayaks



ZET kayaks - Introducing the TORO ZET kayaks is introducing a next generation kayak for 2015. After a lot of development and testing, we have come up with a kayak every active paddler will appreciate. We believe the new TORO will find supporters across all paddling categories. This kayak is not restricted to one specific purpose. It will excel on all whitewater from class 2 river running up to steep creeking, big water expeditions and even extreme racing. The progressive bow of the new TORO gives it a racing pedigree that allows it to skip nicely over river features while maintaining speed.… more

  10 February 2015       ZET Kayaks

Egor in Mexico

egor agua azul 1

After 10 days without a whitewater I started addiction and we immediately returned to Veracruz. Where we spent the last month  running  best rivers and waterfalls in the world. And in the end we took part in the competition Alseseca Race I runned all this famous rapids( Big Bana section, Silencio, Meatlocker, buff or die, freestyle drop, Tomata 1 and Tomata 2, 7sister, Upper and lower Jahlalacingo, Twisted pleasure, Dirty Sanchez, Dagan, Road side and many over) many times and It was like perfect training camp for kayaking. After two weeks of  unrestrained kayaking, our Russian speaking friends came to us… more

  20 January 2015       ZET Kayaks

Lost on Sumulta

img 1966

photo and story by Kuba Suchy Our Altay journey is coming to an end and there’s one last multiday trip ahead of us. Sumulta river should have been our warm-up trip before we put on some harder stuff but this is Russia and the key is not to plan but to adapt. Good thing is that the hike-in should be the most difficult part of it and once on the river, we will just relax and recover from the Lower Bashkaus, after which all four of us are pretty tired. Long long drive takes us from Chulyshman valley via Ulagan to… more

  13 January 2015       ZET Kayaks