Girls in ZET Kayaks,


we are more then happy to present our new team members,  Anne Hubner  from Germany and Nikky Kelly from New Zealand. Anne Hubner Let´s  look closer to Anne Hubner today. Anne is one of the top female paddlers. She has won almost all big extreme races in Europe. Anne has gone to a trip around America, started it in the U.S. and went through Mexico down to South America, to Chile. We asked her few questions just before she left Europe. Tell us briefly about your paddling highlights during last few years. During last few years I spent every year more… more

  19 December 2010       ZET Kayaks

New WEB in Germany and UK


We would like to present the new websites of  ZET distributors in Germany and UK If you are from Germany or german speaking country you should check it out here: ZET Kayaks Germany, All the kayakers from UK can find news and important information on a new UK ZET  webpage: ZET Kayaks UK, more

  16 December 2010       ZET Kayaks