Teva Mountain Games in Vail and Eporedia Active Days in Italy

TMG by Anne Huebner

I left Innsbruck end of May heading to Munich Airport and taking off to Vail, Colorado. First stop was the 2012 Teva Mountain Games in Vail. First race was the Steep Creek competition on Homestake. I had a alright first run but got pretty nervous in my second run, flipped, had to roll and finally ended in third position behind TEVAs Martina Wegman (NED) and Louise Jull (NZL).

Due to the low water levels the Freestyle hole in town was shallow and tricky. Interesting to watch how team TEVAs current world champion Claire O´Hara (UK) was ripping the womens class getting 660 points in here winning ride. Also due to the low water level the Down River Sprint Section took about 6 minutes longer than the last year. So the winning time was 24 minutes compared to last years 18. It was a hard and tiring race and Martina, Lou and me made the podium again as in Homestake.

It was the last competition day of the Teva Mountain Games which definitely attracted most visitors to the kayak events - 8-Ball kayak cross and raft cross have been on the schedule. After making in through the prelims in the 8-Ball competition Claire and me tried to score in the raft cross as well. Unfortunately we had to race against two men from the US rafting team in the first round so we did not make it. Anyways, fun to watch the other teams fighting trough the next rounds. In the afternoon I had to go through semi-finals for the 8-Ball and finally it was the three Kiwi girls Louise Urwin, Louise Jull, Toni Goerge and me who went into the 8-Ball finals. More and more 8-ballers showed up and it was quite hard to make a way through to the finish line. In the end it was me who came in first followed by Toni George and Louise Urwin. I liked the 2012 Teva Mountain Games a lot. There is so much going on in Vail village - so many interesting competitions to watch like the bouldering world cup, the Slopestyle and Slackline events and the evening concerts. Happy TEVA invited me again I left Vail the next morning and flew back to Europe, ready for the next event - the Eporedia Active Days in Piemont, Italy.

Jetlagged as hell I made it to Val Chiusella two days later and found low water level there as well. As a result of this the organizers moved the race section a little upstream, so it was a new challenge in the 2012 edition of the race to get in all the new drops. Mariann Saether (NOR) took first place followed by me and Jenny Crimes (UK) in third position. For the sprint race and the boater cross all kayakers moved to the race course in Ivrea - finally some water under my boat and incredible ice-cream in town :) It was fun to watch the men racing the team sprint at night the first evening. I was able to take a first place in the individual sprint and a second in the boater x the next day and so I won the overall womens class followed by Jenny and Mariann. Congrats to team TEVAs Honza Lasko (CZE) who won overall mens followed by Sam Sutton (NZL) and Filippo Brunetti (ITA).