Langu Khola Expedition

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For 5 weeks I have been in Nepal on one of the most incredible expeditions I have ever done and been part of. Together with Francesco Salvato (ITA), Raphael Thiebaut (FRA), Stephane Pion (FRA) and Jakub Sedivy (CZE) we hiked into the upper Dolpo region and followed the Langu Khola river from its source all the way down to the classic lower Karnali take-out. This is a quick summary of this unbelievable adventure. For the full report and photos please check Kayak Session Magazine #45 (spring 2013) On october 22nd I met up with the other team mates in Kathmandu the… more

  23 February 2013       ZET Kayaks

Kayaking through Patagonia

Palguin Chile

This winter was my third in a row I managed to travel with my kayak through one of the most beautiful countries in the world - Chile. I only had a window of four weeks this time but nevertheless I still got to see new rivers and got some of the best classics done. Having little trouble getting our rental car our little group of four Germans with "Los tres hermanos” Motz and me made it out of Santiago late on the first evening and headed straight to the Teno valley. Coming from cold and nasty Europe we got Chile at… more

  23 February 2013       ZET Kayaks