First race in CZech is done


Kamenice kayak cross 2013 first extreme race in czech is over and ZET kayaks dominated it here . Big thanks all our riders INDIVIDUAL RACE 1st place Viktor Legat - ZET Kayak Director 2nd place Michal Prazak- ZET Kayak, Veloc 3nd place Honza Kolar- ZET Kayak, Director 4th place Mira Kodada - ZET Kayak, Director TEAM RACE 1st place - Honza Kolar (Director), Michal Prazak (Veloc), Viktor Legat (Director) few picture from weekend here photo: David Vory Sodomka more

  22 April 2013       ZET Kayaks

Magic Corse

corse13 10

“Corsica is an amazing place” I used to hear all the time fromm my mates. It took me until two years ago to get here and see it for myself. The mediterean island with pitoresque medieval towns, amazing cheese and salami becomes a whitewater creeking paradise for a few weeks in April almost every year. During the last two seasons there had not been much snow on the island and so the rivers were pretty dry. I heard many of my friends complaining about no water and felt like this is becoming a stereotype of Corse. DIFFERENT STORY THIS YEAR! A… more

  15 April 2013       ZET Kayaks