Magic Corse

“Corsica is an amazing place” I used to hear all the time fromm my mates. It took me until two
years ago to get here and see it for myself. The mediterean island with pitoresque medieval towns,
amazing cheese and salami becomes a whitewater creeking paradise for a few weeks in April
almost every year.

During the last two seasons there had not been much snow on the island and so the rivers were pretty dry. I heard many of my friends complaining about no water and felt like this is becoming a stereotype of Corse.

DIFFERENT STORY THIS YEAR! A big snowpack looks like this is going to be amazing Corsica season. I heard this and also all the social media updates of various groups traveling around the island made it pretty clear. Corse is going to be a place to be. With a spare week and coming up Gene17 trip to Corsica, I was keen to check it out for myself. My friend from Matias from Argentina happened to have time and hung out around Genova, so we met up in Livorno and sailed to Corse on Monday. After catching up with the Czech crew and Thomas Rogenmoser, we went to paddle some of the best classics and it has been amazing. Two years ago Corse was fine, sliding over the rocks and going through cool granite canyons. This year the rivers are full. Here is a quick update of the paddled rivers

Tuesday- Middle Vecchio: amazing bouldergarden run with quite a few sives and portages but so

worth it.

Wednesday- Codi: there was quite a bit of water this year and much better than I could remember it.

Thursday- Rizannesse. Even though there is a dam on Riza now, the flow was around 110cm and

high but amazing.

Friday- Travo at 145cm

Pretty much all the creeks here feel like super cool river, I more used to from Piemonte and Ticino :)

Hope to check out more soon and btw. the sun is shining!