Eporedia Active Days 2013, Italy

Small mountain village Pont Bozet in Ayasse river host first event during Eporedia Active Days. in the intimate atmosphere of 20 paddlers this year. After arriving at the place we realize that the water is about half as much as we had last year. Race course was definitely enough extreme with juice water level. Race course for sprint is about 250 meters long elevation of about 40 meters. This course held sprint and team race. Sprint won Jamie Sutton and second place took Egor Voskoboynikov (ZET Director). During training we thought that it is the hardest thing you can meet us here, King of the falls race was even harder and also with a greater gradient. For this section shall be nominated 20 kayakers but only 15went on start for this hard race with monster final slide. Sam Sutton won King of the falls just half second before Palo Andrassy (ZET Director).

After King of the falls, the entire starting field moved in Ivrea where the white water slalom channel held slalom and kayakX. Final result from whole event was determinate from two race`s in Ivrea and one from Aysse. Overall winner was Jamie Sutton, second Michelle Ramazza and third took Egor Voskoboynikov (ZET Direcotr) and Sam Sutton. Anne Hubner  (ZET Raptor )won all races in women category and for sure won over all.

Tomo Andrassy

photo: Tomo and Palo Andrassy