Spring race and festival season

After coming back from Chile and subsequently Corsica, I got back to Piemonte for spring season guiding for Gene17 and festival organizing.

The first out of the festivals was third annual Val Sesia festival organized by Gene17 and I took my Raptor straight to 2 races the long distance race and also to the evening boater cross. The long distance race is one of the best stretches of whitewater to have a similar race on. Great fun, multiple possible lines and long enough stretch to make the technical parts stand out  over just powering it down the racecourse. Afterwards in the evening, there was a time for the italian Sweet rumble boatercross race in Campertogno. It went quite good for me until semifinals. Following the boatercross, there was a prizegiving and following party until early morning hours.

My second race of this season was unplanned but fun event of the EXO tour cup. I just finished a week of guiding for Gene17 and as we rolled back into the campground Ihad just enough time to sign up for the race, get in my gear and onto the water. I finished third in the long race, second in boatercross behind Michele Ramazza and third in the Sorba slalom, so I took home third place.

Last race of the spring was King of the Alps in Meran for me. Formerly I did not plan to go, but as the weather in Val Sesia got better after almost 4 weeks of rain I decided to stay to soak up soime sunshine before rainy Norway. It turned out to be cool event. I did not have a time to check out the long marathon race and so I just turned up in the morning with the intention to give it as much as I can and hope for the best. I finished seventh and due to some delays I was also able to race in the evening  boatercross where I ended up in the semifinals- well still have to do some training for those final runs:)

After the boatercross it was a time to head to Czech for a week before leaving for Veko.