Ron Fisher in Altai, Siberia

I just got back from one of the best kayak trips I have ever had ( I say this every time, but it is always true! ). Together with an international crew of good friends and solid paddlers, I went to the Altai mountains in Sibiria-Russia. 

Vasily Porsev, russian Legend, our driver, mechanic, story teller and great company, shown us around his home area. We experienced friendly and grateful people, world-class whitewater, some of the most remote places we have ever been to and last but not least, 4 x 4 off-road driving to the next level!

Bashkaus, Chulyshman, Argut... just to name a few of the classic rivers we paddled. We also did the first international descent of the Akalacha river at the border triangle to Mongolia,China and Kazakhstan. A seven day river trip, several days walk from the next civilization!

The already legendary KING OF ASIA RACE built the final days of our one month adventure. With no doubt, this is the hardest kayak race to date! The race is in the Mazhoy gorge, a canyon with the most pushy and continues whitewater some of us have ever paddled! Without any safety backup! Race time: 7 minutes 25 seconds! I am pretty stoked to claim 3rd place! :-)

- For those who live around Switzerland: Come and watch my Diashow on the 28.9.13 at the Kanuschule Versam, Switzerland. ( )
- Articles in print magazins will follow.... ( FriFlyt Norway, Kayak Session )
- For more photos check out the Adventure Gallery on my webpage. Russian update will follow....
- Team: Mariann Saether (NO), Xavier Boby Frieser (GER), Benjamin Hjort (NO), Mark Basso (CA), Jasper Polak (NL)
cheers everyone