Sick Line 2013

by Egor Voskoboynikov

I love Austria, its nature, mountains and rivers, especially the valley of Oetz. I also love competitions, their spirit and atmosphere. But Adidas Sickline is not just a competition, it is the World Championships. This is the main reason why I came here five times in a row.

This year I arrived one week before the start of the competition to hold more training. But during the week the water level was constantly changing from very high, when it was impossible to paddle the competition section, to low, when it was not so much fun and we had to paddle a lot of flat water.

Because of this, it was hard to guess what the water level would be for the event. So I tried just to train and enjoy kayaking. My main goal was to show everyone what I can do and hope for good luck.

Qualification run was not bad. I made ​​a couple of small mistakes, but showed quite good result. It gave me a good starting position for the semi-finals.

It was raining heavily the final day of the competition and the water level was rising fast whole morning. Therefore, the main goal of the semi-finals was to avoid big mistakes, run well The Champion´s Killer -1 and The Champion´s Killer and hope to get lucky again.

On both levels, top 48 and top 26, I did not have good runs, but my opponents did even worse than me, so I was able to easily pass to the super final. After that I realized that the luck was on my side.

Before the super final, the water level has risen again. Therefore, before the start I planned to show a steady run with no mistakes and maximum speed on flat sections. I almost got it, except the final cataract. But when I arrived to the finish I saw that my result was the second best after Daniel Klotzner. I knew that I showed a good run with a few mistakes, but it was not enough to win, and maybe not even enough for the podium. But I kept hoping that the luck was on my side. But apparently not everyone was able to deal with the changed water level. Even Sam Sutton and his brother Jamie, who were big favourites, could not pass cleanly. Only Joe Morley was able to paddle consistently clean and fast with the best result.

I tried to improve the results of my runs from time to time and show everyone what I can do. I became third and I was extremely happy about it and surprised!

So on one hand I showed a very good run almost without mistakes, but on the other hand I was really lucky that many rivals have made mistakes.

See you next year!

Good luck!