Flashback 2013 - Ron Fisher


Ice has dominated the Norwegian winter, with (as usual) no sign of snow. The scenario was the same the last year: Ice, ice and ice, sprinkled with†rumors†of early spring paddling.I was hungry for kayaking, but as far as I could see no freaking flowing water. Only ice! It took the first four months of 2013 until the ice broke during one crazy night and suddenly we could paddle everything around Voss. Basically, a huge flash flood of ice and water will sweep down the river and open it up entirely. My norwegian girlfriend claims there is†a name to this†phenomena: Isgang. Right,… more

  24 February 2014       ZET Kayaks

In the land of volcanos, lakes and waterfalls

01 trancura peter

Chile trip 2013/14 by Anne Hubner As I was able to spend my fourth winter in a row in Chile it was my first trip where I was guiding customers through this beautiful country on the west coast of South America. First destination of our journey was Pucon where we did some warm up paddling on the surrounding rivers. Ellies B&B offered a lovely ambience with the view on the Volcano Villarica to relax after the long trip to get there. In the first few days the group got a taste of some big volume rapids on the Trancura, they mastered… more

  20 February 2014       ZET Kayaks