Flashback 2013 - Ron Fisher

Ice has dominated the Norwegian winter, with (as usual) no sign of snow. The scenario was the same the last year: Ice, ice and ice, sprinkled with†rumors†of early spring paddling.I was hungry for kayaking, but as far as I could see no freaking flowing water. Only ice! It took the first four months of 2013 until the ice broke during one crazy night and suddenly we could paddle everything around Voss. Basically, a huge flash flood of ice and water will sweep down the river and open it up entirely. My norwegian girlfriend claims there is†a name to this†phenomena: Isgang. Right, I guess it is kind of normal then.. Here is link to see it in action in the Sjoa river:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCfRT8Ac7tE

With warmer weather the water-levels got better and we rallied trips to Telemark and north of Voss to Hellesylt and Sogndal. These road trips were amazing! It was exactly what I think kayaking is all about: Good friends, bonfires, beer and paddling. In this exact order! Some of the camp spots we found got a 9 out of 10. Essential!

After the Extremesport week in Voss, I put the hammer down and went with Mariann and an amazing international crew to the Altai Mountains in the heart of Russia.†My Facebook status said: Schakalakabooom! RUSSIA here we come. For that Vodka won't destroy us and we not light a forest fire. NASTROVIE †It was simply an epic trip with big bonfires every night, tons of beer, AMAZING people, saunas, off-road driving, stunning scenery and last but not the least, some of the best rivers we have ever paddled!

After this trip and until the end of last year, my other big passion had taken over. My carpentry business started running well and it was time to work and save up some money for further adventures to come!

Now it is this time of year again where there is lots of ice in Norway, and the «is gang» can happen any time soon, but this time I was smarter and left the country for a two-months ski trip back home to the Alps.

Soon I am ready for the two thousand fourteen summer to come. Ready for good friends, bonfires, beer and much of kayaking!
cheers, enjoy!