Kazachstan mission part.2

kaz 08

After TEM-TEK river we slowly moved towards Russia to earlier mentioned Altay Mountains area. The transport took us whole two days driving on really bad roads. But we devided the journey and paddled KALZIR river on our way. We finally tried our kayak-carying system which we were going to use in Altay. Luckily everything went smooth and soon we arrived to a small town called Ridder in the middle of big Altay Mountains. As usually our first steps here led to the local office to arrange permits to the border area.  We got them without problems so we could take the… more

  23 July 2014       ZET Kayaks

Kazachstan mission part.1

kazakhstan andrassy bros 12

Journey to this incredible country starts a quite unusual for me. It is January 2014 and I am on the other side of the world in Colombia where we are on whitewater in the middle of wild jungle. Here I receiving e-mail from my Russian friends with invitation to wild water of East Kazakhstan. I do not hesitate and immediately confirm my participation and also I immediately looking for other members of our team who will go to explore this country with me. In March we already have Slovak - Russian team consisting of five kayakers and one cameraman, so the… more

  3 July 2014       ZET Kayaks