Northern Norway

by Ron Fisher

Why travel to an oversea kayak destination when you live in white-water paradise? This summer Mariann and I spent 5 weeks in Northern Norway, paddling the classic rivers around Hatfjeldal, but also doing a couple of multi-day trip that we’ve been dreaming for a long time.


First of the two was the Glomåga. It’s simple: It is the most beautiful place we have ever been to! There are countless glaciers coming down to the river on both valley sides, the water is crystal clear to turquoise green and in the middle of the three day trip is a lake, surrounded with several hundred meter high granite walls, a 100 meter waterfall for a spectacular view and more glaciers coming down from the mountains.
I will not tell and show you more about that trip in this blog, but there will be an article about the Glomåga in the next KayakSession magazine. So make sure you’ll check it out!
The second Multi-day trip was the Lomsdalen. Mariann was part of the first descent in 2004 and ever since, only two teams have taken the effort to get into the most remote area of Norway. This valley as part of the Lomsdalen National park sees only 1-10 tourist a year! Because it doesn’t come for free :-) To get to the source of the river we had to hike and paddle across several lakes for a total of 10 hours. No trail, no sign of other humans, it’s really just as pure nature out there as it gets. It is hard work, but then, the river and the valley are paying it off. We paddled half a day to where we found a beautiful camp below a major portage and enjoyed the evening with catching some fish and light a fire. The whitewater is real quality and with some extra water then what we’ve had I would call it one of the very best rivers in Norway! As if it wasn’t enough of goodness, once we reached the sea we were welcomed with coffee and cake by a local couple which is  spending their summer vacations in this beautiful fjord. They also had a boat and drove our shuttle out for to the next road where we’ve parked our car. 

It’s been a great trip these 5 weeks, with a so many good friends and happy times. Thanks everyone for making it possible! Mariann, Vasily, Masha, Alexander, Stephane, Antoine, Adrian, Adrian, Philip, Phil, Thilo, Philipp, Dag, Jakub, Filippo, Bety, Kathrina, Nicole, Diego, Louise, Benji,……..