Sjoa river festival 2014


by Tomo Andrassy This year I spent in Norway just 10 days which is really unusual for me. My story started when rest of my classic Norway crew cancelled the trip. Fortunately I have a lot of good friends and immediately I was able to create plan B. Plan was simple. Fly to Oslo, take train to Sjoa, borrow kayak, find my friends who have car and spend here 10 days full of paddling and also competing on one of the best races in Europe - Sjoa River Festival. First days in Sjoa area brings a lot of rain and everybody… more

  17 December 2014       ZET Kayaks

Rey del Rio

 mg 0406

In mid-October I received a letter from Rafa Ortiz with an invitation to participate in the new competition Rio Del Rey which will be held November 21-22 in Mexico. I do not really represent what exactly it will be for the competition, but he knew that it'll be something new, epic and most importantly on the legendary waterfalls Agua Azul. So i quickly changed all  plans   flew to Mexico. Competitions Rey del Rio were held in sunny Mexico, totally unexpectedly. Organizers - Rafa Ortiz, a group of Altius, and support provided by the Government Chiapas and the Ministry of Tourism of… more

  9 December 2014       ZET Kayaks