Rey del Rio

In mid-October I received a letter from Rafa Ortiz with an invitation to participate in the new competition Rio Del Rey which will be held November 21-22 in Mexico. I do not really represent what exactly it will be for the competition, but he knew that it'll be something new, epic and most importantly on the legendary waterfalls Agua Azul. So i quickly changed all  plans   flew to Mexico.

Competitions Rey del Rio were held in sunny Mexico, totally unexpectedly. Organizers - Rafa Ortiz, a group of Altius, and support provided by the Government Chiapas and the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, so that the organization was very cool. Competitions were held in two stages: a kayak-cross race and waterfalls, declared as  waterfall world championship. 25 of the world's strongest kayakers of the world's Were invited

The first stage - kayak-cross on the upper waterfalls, the second on the bottom.

For kayak-cross was chosen quite interesting and hard enough  of approximately 90 seconds long.

At each stage, I tried to show the best result and to come first. In the final came - Dane Jackson, Pat Keller, Isaac Levinson and me. At the start I became leaders, but made a tactical mistake in the overall distribution of power, and began to make mistakes: caught on a rock on a slide and passed forward Pat Keller, and then double drop hooked catch and Dane Jackson passed me just half hull in two meters to the finish.

Results of kayak-cross:

1.- Pat Keller 

2.- Dane O Jackson

3.- Egor Voskoboynikov

4.- Isaac Levinson

5.- Gerd Serrasolses

Thank you to everyone who supported me and worry about me, and thank you very much for your congratulations. In fact, I was very glad to participate in this competition and show such a good result.

I'm a little disappointed that because of their own mistakes I lost the first place, which was practically in my hands. But I try to learn from mistakes. I realized that I need to prepare tactically 3-4 attempts, rather than 1-2, as in the slalom, and then I can show a good result in the finals against strong opponents.

The next day was the second stage Rey del Rio-not an official  Waterfall World Championship. It was almost a secret until its successful completion. In these competitions measured not speed and the power, but the beauty and style of passing waterfalls.

The competition was held on the lower waterfalls cascade which includes three waterfalls: 10 meters, 16-18 meters and 12-15 meters. Water was higher than usual because the waterfalls were softer than in classical times in March.

I'm not a great expert on runing waterfalls, so I decided to abandon atraining run and not to risk. But after watching the runs of other parties, I decided to try something new, to take risks, compete for points and just raise the bar for ourselves.

In the end, I did aft freeweel from the first waterfall (this was my first time in my life freeweel from waterfall), clean enough and well. On the second waterfall I'm a little twisted and landed bit tilted through the nose, out of this i lost a lot of points. And third, I made a good buff with the cross paddel stroke.

In the end I scored 125 points and took 8th place. In my opinion all those who took part in these competitions are already winners. The atmosphere was very cool, all happy for each other,  worried and support everybody.

Rey Del Rio, definitely, pushed the bar in the competition of extreme kayaking and laid new heights in kayaking. I was very happy to take part in this.

Event have ended! But our trip to Mexico has just begun. Ahead is competition Alseseca Kayak race and a lot of interesting things!

Follow the news!      Hasta luego, amigos!

story by  Egor Voskoboynikov

big thanks for photos to Alona Buslaieva