Egor in Mexico

egor agua azul 1

After 10 days without a whitewater I started addiction and we immediately returned to Veracruz. Where we spent the last month  running  best rivers and waterfalls in the world. And in the end we took part in the competition Alseseca Race I runned all this famous rapids( Big Bana section, Silencio, Meatlocker, buff or die, freestyle drop, Tomata 1 and Tomata 2, 7sister, Upper and lower Jahlalacingo, Twisted pleasure, Dirty Sanchez, Dagan, Road side and many over) many times and It was like perfect training camp for kayaking. After two weeks of  unrestrained kayaking, our Russian speaking friends came to us… more

  20 January 2015       ZET Kayaks

Lost on Sumulta

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photo and story by Kuba Suchy Our Altay journey is coming to an end and there’s one last multiday trip ahead of us. Sumulta river should have been our warm-up trip before we put on some harder stuff but this is Russia and the key is not to plan but to adapt. Good thing is that the hike-in should be the most difficult part of it and once on the river, we will just relax and recover from the Lower Bashkaus, after which all four of us are pretty tired. Long long drive takes us from Chulyshman valley via Ulagan to… more

  13 January 2015       ZET Kayaks