Egor in Mexico

After 10 days without a whitewater I started addiction and we immediately returned to Veracruz. Where we spent the last month  running  best rivers and waterfalls in the world. And in the end we took part in the competition Alseseca Race

I runned all this famous rapids( Big Bana section, Silencio, Meatlocker, buff or die, freestyle drop, Tomata 1 and Tomata 2, 7sister, Upper and lower Jahlalacingo, Twisted pleasure, Dirty Sanchez, Dagan, Road side and many over) many times and It was like perfect training camp for kayaking. After two weeks of  unrestrained kayaking, our Russian speaking friends came to us and we  went again on a trip to Chiapas.

On the way we stopped at the Rio Oro, alloy on which ends right in the Gulf of Mexico. Chiapas and Agua Azul met us by good weather like always, but unfortunately the low flow in a rivers. We were not limited by Agau Azaul only and  we went to trip to the legendary Santo Domingo river. Unfortunately in this region of Santo Domingo were rains and the water  flow in river was too high.After exploration of the legendary Angel Falls and trying to running simple parts of the river, we went to test your luck with the water in the Northern Chipasa where had to work some good rivers. One of them, Rio Almandra, was really interesting.

After passing through the amazingly beautiful valley of Chiapas, we went to the Pacific Ocean coast for one day, to the town of Puerto Arista. One day "relaxing" on the sea was enough and we started way back to Aventurec. Upon our return to Veracruz we waited for the race almost immediately. Also, we were waiting for the rains and high flows in rivers. By the high flow  a legendary race section Road site became the really interesting.

Unfortunately, according to the organizers too dangerous for competition. So they excluded two most interesting rapid Triple drop and S-turn. On the day of the race a water level began dropping. But I think the race turned into a 10 minute paddling on flat water, divided into two sections enclosed with 5 and 4 minutes, during which it is necessary to run about 15 simple and local drops only 2 of which were any danger.

It is really hard to win on a flat water, so main goal for this race was has a good line in a main rapids. Unfortunately, I caught a cold two days before the race and felt mildly is not very good, so I failed with the task. On the first part I made about 5 serious mistakes and lost their main rivals about 9 seconds. The second section I passed better, but still made a couple of mistakes, which prevented me from winning a missed seconds. In the end, I took 3rd place losing 9 seconds to Evan and Isaac who became the first and the second with a difference of a few tenths of a second.  . Multiple champion of this race Dane Jackson seriously poisoned before the race and miraculously was able to find the strength to go to the start. Despite everything, he run pretty well and showed the fourth result

Full race results can be found here.


One of these days we spent at the legendary waterfall Tomato 2. I run it in first day in Veracruz with Aniol, and it was  not bad. This time it was my worst run of waterfall, with the application for carnage of the year. But everything was good and  I am OK.

At this kayaking of  Russian diaspora in Mexico ended and everyone went home. We stayed with Alena another couple of days, Aventurec, to run Big banana couple more time and run only untouched waterfall Truchas. After that we went to see a little bit of interest and soon we have be forced to go back in the winter ...

Mexico is a mecca of big waterfalls and serious kayaking, but any kayakers will find here a section like themselves.

Story and photos by Egor and Alona