Corsica Early Bird 2015!

 Year after year, when the winter comes to an end and every Paddler is going to get ready to start the kayaking season it is time for me to go to Corsica! Due to the fact I haven´t spent my winter in the sunny southern hemisphere for the first time since six years my winter felt incredibly long and I was craving for paddling and living Outdoor again. Corsica means to me to witness spring awakening. Birds are singing in the morning, fresh and green grass is coming through the ground, first trees start blooming and the sun is sending out its first strong and warming sun rays. The rivers attract us Kayakers with their crystal clear and green coloured burbling water and the days fading out sitting by the warming and crackling flames of bonfires.

The next days brought warm weather conditions. Already during breakfast there was warm wind blowing and the temperature went up to 25 degrees. The rivers came up to medium-high flow and in order to get most out of it we forced ourselves to run 2 two 3 river sections a day. When we´ve been crawling in our sleeping bags at night we felt asleep with the pleasant feeling to sense every single muscle from the physical exercise during the days. After the snow pack in the mountains got thinner every day a whole night of rain, in the mountains snow, ensured enough extra water for the next couple days.

After a fabulous first week full of fun paddling on the small Island in the Mediterranean Sea, having the rivers all for ourselves my customers showed up. Another week of awesome paddling began. We had the Golo, Asco and the lower Vecchio on the menu as well as a day trip to the Taravo and last but not least numerous runs down the Tavignano gorge. The sunny and warm Spring days and the beauty of the Corsican rivers compensated for frosty nights and cold toes at night.

Unluckily our second week in Corsica also went over too fast and we had to say Good-Bye to the beautiful Island for another year. But for sure we´ll be back next spring!