Sjoa river festival 2014


by Tomo Andrassy This year I spent in Norway just 10 days which is really unusual for me. My story started when rest of my classic Norway crew cancelled the trip. Fortunately I have a lot of good friends and immediately I was able to create plan B. Plan was simple. Fly to Oslo, take train to Sjoa, borrow kayak, find my friends who have car and spend here 10 days full of paddling and also competing on one of the best races in Europe - Sjoa River Festival. First days in Sjoa area brings a lot of rain and everybody… more

  17 December 2014       ZET Kayaks

Rey del Rio

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In mid-October I received a letter from Rafa Ortiz with an invitation to participate in the new competition Rio Del Rey which will be held November 21-22 in Mexico. I do not really represent what exactly it will be for the competition, but he knew that it'll be something new, epic and most importantly on the legendary waterfalls Agua Azul. So i quickly changed all  plans   flew to Mexico. Competitions Rey del Rio were held in sunny Mexico, totally unexpectedly. Organizers - Rafa Ortiz, a group of Altius, and support provided by the Government Chiapas and the Ministry of Tourism of… more

  9 December 2014       ZET Kayaks

King of Asia 2014

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When we were planning our Altay trip, Vasily Porsev invited us to compete at the King of Asia extreme race, which he’s been organizing for couple years now. I found the event’s website, watched a video from the previous year, scared myself and tentatively filled out the registration form. We just got back from our first multiday trip on the Karagem and Argut rivers to the event’s base camp on the Chuya river. I was slowly absorbing fresh experience and was so hyped that I hardly felt any fatigue. I had a quick dinner and managed to get some kayakers for… more

  12 November 2014       ZET Kayaks

Sayany mission

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by Egor Voskoboynikov One of the best places for multiday kayaking in the world are Eastern Sayan mountains near Baikal Lake in Russia. Amazing beautiful nature, high mountains, challenging rivers and remoteness from civilization make this place attractive for fans of adventure. Together with my wife Alona Buslaeva I have spent a month in this area, travelling extensively in the rivers of the trips organized by Tomas Marnics The Onot river was the first one on our list. Just a few kayak groups have been on this river before, so everything was new for us. It is a beautiful river flowing… more

  18 September 2014       ZET Kayaks

The Grand Canyon of the Verdon

2014 08 20 verdon112

by Anne Huebner Beside the European Freestyle Championships my summer destination this year has been the French Alps. After spending a couple days in the Durance Valley we moved on to our final destination the Verdon Gorge. On the way we passed the Gorge de Daluis of the Var river. This canyon offers easy whitewater and it is very impressive with its red rocks and hundred of meters high canyon walls. As we finally reached the Verdon canyon we found out that in that week there was a water release as every week on Tuesday and Friday and additionally also on Wednesday… more

  16 September 2014       ZET Kayaks

Northern Norway

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by Ron Fisher Why travel to an oversea kayak destination when you live in white-water paradise? This summer Mariann and I spent 5 weeks in Northern Norway, paddling the classic rivers around Hatfjeldal, but also doing a couple of multi-day trip that we’ve been dreaming for a long time. GLOMÅGA First of the two was the Glomåga. It’s simple: It is the most beautiful place we have ever been to! There are countless glaciers coming down to the river on both valley sides, the water is crystal clear to turquoise green and in the middle of the three day trip is… more

  11 September 2014       ZET Kayaks

Kayaking Bashkaus


After two weeks in Altay, time has come for us to put on the lower canyon of the famous Bashkaus river. We’ve heard many stories about the run and with the fresh first hand info from another group, we were just looking forward for a lot of classy whitewater. We spent one day chilling at the put-in and a group of 3 Russian kayakers came by saying the water level is medium and wishing us good luck for our descend. On day one, we woke up early, brewed a lot of tea and cooked delicious poridge as usual. Packing our boats… more

  5 September 2014       ZET Kayaks

Grand canyon of Stikine

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Our crew was set pretty much from beginning of the summer while training on the North Fork of Payette. Plan was quite simple, watch the flow and if it drops below 500 cumecs it’s time to head up north. We have finally left Cascade Raft & Kayaks and headquarters of ZET Kayaks USA on August 3rd. Drive all the way to Stikine River took us some time since we have stopped in BC for little bit and also since 2800km isn’t the drive you make over one day. Anyway by August 7th we were ready at put in with sunshine and… more

  21 August 2014       ZET Kayaks

Kazachstan mission part.2

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After TEM-TEK river we slowly moved towards Russia to earlier mentioned Altay Mountains area. The transport took us whole two days driving on really bad roads. But we devided the journey and paddled KALZIR river on our way. We finally tried our kayak-carying system which we were going to use in Altay. Luckily everything went smooth and soon we arrived to a small town called Ridder in the middle of big Altay Mountains. As usually our first steps here led to the local office to arrange permits to the border area.  We got them without problems so we could take the… more

  23 July 2014       ZET Kayaks

Kazachstan mission part.1

kazakhstan andrassy bros 12

Journey to this incredible country starts a quite unusual for me. It is January 2014 and I am on the other side of the world in Colombia where we are on whitewater in the middle of wild jungle. Here I receiving e-mail from my Russian friends with invitation to wild water of East Kazakhstan. I do not hesitate and immediately confirm my participation and also I immediately looking for other members of our team who will go to explore this country with me. In March we already have Slovak - Russian team consisting of five kayakers and one cameraman, so the… more

  3 July 2014       ZET Kayaks