Czech paddling scene – when the rain comes


This spring was by one word miserable. There was almost no snow in the mountains over the winter and not a single river hit decent flow. So we had to wait for some heavy rains to show up over our beloved region. And it happened. Middle of May was the time. There was rain forecasted for whole week but you can’t be ever sure.  What actually happened was simple unbelievable. We left Prague on Saturday at 3pm with flow of 7 cubics (runnable level is at about 12 cubics) and arriving to the put in 2 hours later finding flooded river… more

  24 June 2014       ZET Kayaks

Spring Time in California

middle feather 2

Spring Time in California: Short But Oh So Sweet Getting Back to California in early March and hearing reports of record low snow packs, I was not expecting my homecoming to be anything amazing. After spending some time at home I packed up again and headed up to Feather River country, and was greeted by a week long storm that left up to 80 inches of snow in the highest reaches of the northern Sierra Nevadas. After that it was on! Many of our favorite local runs around the Feather came up from the low elevation rain and got to do… more

  13 May 2014       ZET Kayaks

Southern Turkey part 2.


Manavgat is one of the bigger rivers in this region and is supposed to be also good in May/June. We were not sure if the section we were about to put on is the one we thought it is, but it looked reasonable. 5km of class IV-V should be good to go before it gets dark. To save some time, we spit group in two smaller ones and hit the river. This section was kind of big boulder garden with quite a lot undercut rocks and sieves. We rallied as fast as possible because we put on like 2 hours before… more

  14 April 2014       ZET Kayaks

Southern Turkey part1.

002turecko 1

When first sun shows up in the spring time, all kayakers start to look which destinations are good hit. Since Corse or Portugal is not always friend with river gods, decision has been made to give it a try in Southern Turkey in Antalya region. Flight tickets were pretty cheap and 8 days on the water should be just enough to fulfill our paddling desire. I was bit worried about flying with 7 boats, but Turkish airlines had no problem to fit them all, so after few hours and one transit we found ourselves in Antalya.  Antalya region is well-known for… more

  9 April 2014       ZET Kayaks

Spring is coming, Saalach in Lofer is running

img 6964 lofer

by Anne Huebner After a dry winter which didn´t bring much snow to the northern Alps, spring started to show its face during the last couple weeks. So kayakers from southern Germany – even some from the North - and those northern Austrians woke up from their winter sleep, got their kayaks ready and started searching for the first running rivers to paddle. Due to the little snow pack this year there were only a few options and so it was no surprise to meet all those kayak bums at the big parking lot in Lofer ready to have as much… more

  24 March 2014       ZET Kayaks

Portugal 2014


by Jakub Sedivy This winter, there was a hard decision, where to go kayaking. Quite a few factors got involved. At the end of the Borneo Expedition I have got sick with leptospirosis which resulted in loosing my Nepal tickets. Bummer. I came back home to Czech with the plan of recovery and as soon as I got better the plans for another paddling mission came to life.   With the not so typical winter for Europe, we put together a crew of friends from Czech and left with hopes for good water levels in Corsica. Everything turned around in Pilsen,… more

  19 March 2014       ZET Kayaks

Flashback 2013 - Ron Fisher


Ice has dominated the Norwegian winter, with (as usual) no sign of snow. The scenario was the same the last year: Ice, ice and ice, sprinkled with†rumors†of early spring paddling.I was hungry for kayaking, but as far as I could see no freaking flowing water. Only ice! It took the first four months of 2013 until the ice broke during one crazy night and suddenly we could paddle everything around Voss. Basically, a huge flash flood of ice and water will sweep down the river and open it up entirely. My norwegian girlfriend claims there is†a name to this†phenomena: Isgang. Right,… more

  24 February 2014       ZET Kayaks

In the land of volcanos, lakes and waterfalls

01 trancura peter

Chile trip 2013/14 by Anne Hubner As I was able to spend my fourth winter in a row in Chile it was my first trip where I was guiding customers through this beautiful country on the west coast of South America. First destination of our journey was Pucon where we did some warm up paddling on the surrounding rivers. Ellies B&B offered a lovely ambience with the view on the Volcano Villarica to relax after the long trip to get there. In the first few days the group got a taste of some big volume rapids on the Trancura, they mastered… more

  20 February 2014       ZET Kayaks

Borneo Expedition


by : Jakub Sedivy I joined the Borneo Expedition for a mission to Indonesia. Pretty much a second day after Sickline I had boarded a plane to Kota Kinabalu and after almost a week of travel I met up with the boys in a remote town of Malinau as close to heart of Borneo as we could get by the means of conventional transport. The boys just came from a mission in the jungle and with some beta Sean Zehm Stephen and me, were off to another mission in the jungle into the headhunters territory. The boys already had a Raptor… more

  15 January 2014       ZET Kayaks

Anne Huebner during 2013

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I started off my season 2013 when I was travelling in Chile. So I spent new years eve at the Rio Fuy – big water, carry out of the upper Fuy and paddling the lower section later on which was great fun at that level. Waking up my first time in 2013 at one of Chiles beautiful lakes “Lago Panguipulli” we started heading south. On the way we didn´t want to miss out to paddle the Michimahuida before we finally continued to the our next destination Futaleufu. After staying a couple days at Cara del Indio, lapping the Futa to get… more

  3 December 2013       ZET Kayaks