Jennifer Chrimes and year 2013


My year kicked off with a first female decent of a rarely run waterfall in my home country, the Rhaeadr Mawdach in Wales UK. The Mawddach is such a fun river to paddle and can get quite full on in high flows. There is one usual portage half way down, an 80ft double drop with a tricky lead in. This time the flows looked perfect and the line achievable so myself and friends David Bain and Bren Orton decided to run the drop. There is an old mine shaft near the bottom of the drop and I’ve been told stories from… more

  5 November 2013       ZET Kayaks

Sick Line 2013

egor6 sickline

by Egor Voskoboynikov I love Austria, its nature, mountains and rivers, especially the valley of Oetz. I also love competitions, their spirit and atmosphere. But Adidas Sickline is not just a competition, it is the World Championships. This is the main reason why I came here five times in a row. This year I arrived one week before the start of the competition to hold more training. But during the week the water level was constantly changing from very high, when it was impossible to paddle the competition section, to low, when it was not so much fun and we had… more

  23 October 2013       ZET Kayaks

ZET Director in BC


by Mark Basso After one of the most personally extensive paddling seasons in years, it feels unjust not to include the ZET Director as another reason why a fine summer adventure spent on the rivers of Norway, Siberia and British Columbia went off with some better than expected paddling enjoyment. Most paddlers in Europe are now aware of the amazing build quality that ZET kayaks are bringing to the whitewater paddling market, so when news came of a new bigger ZET design I was admittedly very interested in a boat I presumed would be true to the growing reputation that ZET… more

  10 October 2013       ZET Kayaks

ZET kayaks in USA

1 raptor boof

When I was waiting for this years padddling season I was pretty sure that I have to spend another great summer on the west coast of USA. As I was more than happy 2 years ago working and paddling on Payette river in Idaho it wasn't hard at all to picture mysefl there again this year. Plan was set, leave to Payette river as soon as possible to catch some good early summer flow and also finally do some paddling in shorts and just shirt. Unfortunatelly because of school and some other stuff I wasn't able to leave before June 18th,… more

  13 September 2013       ZET Kayaks

Palo Andrassy and Norway 2013

dsc 0011 resize

Like every year, I went to Norway in beginning of July. But this trip was different from previous trips. During two weeks we had 10 sunny days with temperatures around 25 degrees. I didn´t believe that summer exists in Norway, but it does. On the other hand, thanks to sunny weather and small snow pack, water levels were quite low but still good. Our first stop was Voss were we stayed few days paddling classics like Roundalselvi, Myrkdalselvi and Jordalslevi. Then we went to Sjoa to took part on Sjoa river festival. This event is one of my most favorite and this… more

  26 August 2013       ZET Kayaks

Ron Fisher in Altai, Siberia

13 08 06 russia 5677

I just got back from one of the best kayak trips I have ever had ( I say this every time, but it is always true! ). Together with an international crew of good friends and solid paddlers, I went to the Altai mountains in Sibiria-Russia.  Vasily Porsev, russian Legend, our driver, mechanic, story teller and great company, shown us around his home area. We experienced friendly and grateful people, world-class whitewater, some of the most remote places we have ever been to and last but not least, 4 x 4 off-road driving to the next level! Bashkaus, Chulyshman, Argut... just to… more

  21 August 2013       ZET Kayaks

Extreme Sport Veko, Norway 2013

20120626 lucie sediva 2

After a busy spring in Italy I just had time to repack and throw some warm clothes into my bag before I was back on the road north to Norway for the summer. The longest days of the year mark the time for the Ekstremesport Veko in Voss, this year set for the last week in June. Every year it attracts a huge crowd of extreme sport athletes from all over the world, and kayaking is a big part of the Veko. Levels were good this year and all throughout the week cars filled with kayakers could be seen zipping up… more

  17 August 2013       ZET Kayaks

Siberia mission part. 1

rus 8001

We started planning our trip to the Asian part of Russia one year ago. We wanted to go for something new, so we decided for Altai Mountains, which lie on the border of Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. We got some information about the rivers and the weather from our friends and they also gave us a contact to local kayakers. So nothing stood in our way to take a plane and go the Altai region in early July. After a long flight to Novosibirsk and even longer drive to the Altai Mountains, we found ourselves on the lower part of… more

  14 August 2013       ZET Kayaks

Spring race and festival season

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After coming back from Chile and subsequently Corsica, I got back to Piemonte for spring season guiding for Gene17 and festival organizing. The first out of the festivals was third annual Val Sesia festival organized by Gene17 and I took my Raptor straight to 2 races the long distance race and also to the evening boater cross. The long distance race is one of the best stretches of whitewater to have a similar race on. Great fun, multiple possible lines and long enough stretch to make the technical parts stand out  over just powering it down the racecourse. Afterwards in the… more

  4 August 2013       ZET Kayaks

Eporedia Active Days 2013, Italy

chl 6790

Small mountain village Pont Bozet in Ayasse river host first event during Eporedia Active Days. in the intimate atmosphere of 20 paddlers this year. After arriving at the place we realize that the water is about half as much as we had last year. Race course was definitely enough extreme with juice water level. Race course for sprint is about 250 meters long elevation of about 40 meters. This course held sprint and team race. Sprint won Jamie Sutton and second place took Egor Voskoboynikov (ZET Director). During training we thought that it is the hardest thing you can meet us… more

  24 June 2013       ZET Kayaks