New Zealand


NZ 2012 by Palo AndrassyI decided to spend last winter in New Zealand. On the beginning of November I flew to Auckland and I spent next three months on North Island.  I had been mainly on Kaituna river which was quite high all the time due to sustained rain. Actually the flow was few times higher than allowed limit for rafting during January so the river belonged only to kayakers and we had lots of fun there. Few days before Christmas nice event was held here – Kaituna Xmas day. This event consisted of many competitions; the most fun of them was swimming… more

  20 May 2012       ZET Kayaks



Ecuador, country of everyday´s rain Part 2 After paddling almost all the rivers in Tena area we moved to Baňos to find some new adventures. And here again, water levels were on their upper borders. On top of that we met crew of local paddlers on our way who were running away from Baňos because of too much water and unending rain. Nevertheless they recommended us some local mini creeks.This area was completely different than what we´ve seen so far in Ecuador. Even though there´s still a rain forest around, it´s not so dense, there are deep valleys and it… more

  27 March 2012       ZET Kayaks

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka A group of 6 kayakers from the UK have recently returned from a successful expedition to explore the white water in Sri Lanka. There have been a couple of previous trips to Sri Lanka before, but this one was the first to be held in August, during the heart of the monsoon The expedition, lead by Dave Burne, saw the team searching out rivers in the Southern Central mountain range. Some rivers, such as the world class Kokmole Oya, have had previous descents. However, there is still so much to discover on the island and the expedition claimed numerous first descents. There… more

  10 December 2011       ZET Kayaks

Anza gold


Anza box canyon by Ron FisherSpring 2011 in the alps could have been better seen from the kayaker‘s or skier's eye. Dry winter months, the smallest snowpack since many years, hence no water in the rivers during the spring time. Checking the water levels online was mostly frustrating, except from a few weekends when long-awaited rain fall helped to raise the flow on some creeks. For sure, this year`s kayaking wasn't as exiting as most other years in the alps. Nevertheless, one week in May, Lukas Wielatt and I were driving around in northern Italy. After we had scraped down the… more

  11 August 2011       ZET Kayaks

Norway mission done


Norway mission done It´s been a bit quick trip to Norway for me this year. I flew to Norway for only eight days and I hoped that it would be still enough to paddle some good rivers around Otta and compete during Sjoa river festival. So I took a plane from Prague to Oslo Monday midday and I found myself paddling Amot section on Sjoa river during the evening. First river to go was upper Jori and we had super solid water level there. It was really cool welcome to Norway after one year, slides and drops were super pushy. We… more

  21 July 2011       ZET Kayaks

Honza Lasko won TMG in Colorado


TMG 2011 US largest celebration of adventure sports, music, and the mountain lifestyle returns once again when The Teva Mountain Games returns to Vail, June 2-5, 2011 for 10th annual. Professional and amateur outdoor adventure athletes from the Vail Valley and around the world converged upon the mountains and rivers of Vail to compete in eight sports and 23 disciplines. The best kayakers in the world battle Class V waters on Homestake Creek over two runs with wicked jumps and crushing rocks with a combined two-run distance of about a one kilometer during the course of three-and-a-half minutes, and there's a… more

  23 June 2011       ZET Kayaks

Devil`s slide


Devil`s The levels were low even in Piemonte, but some classics were still running to we hit Sorba slides to warm up and the following day we turned up to the legendary Devil's slide first run by Shaun Baker in the 90s, no matter how far back this was, the slide did not get any smaller. Two weeks in Corsica had been amazing, but the water levels were dropping and friends were waiting for us back on the mainland. We booked Friday ferry with our new slovenian friends after 4 hours of chill on the board, we parted our ways and… more

  9 May 2011       ZET Kayaks

Girls in ZET Kayaks,


we are more then happy to present our new team members,  Anne Hubner  from Germany and Nikky Kelly from New Zealand. Anne Hubner Let´s  look closer to Anne Hubner today. Anne is one of the top female paddlers. She has won almost all big extreme races in Europe. Anne has gone to a trip around America, started it in the U.S. and went through Mexico down to South America, to Chile. We asked her few questions just before she left Europe. Tell us briefly about your paddling highlights during last few years. During last few years I spent every year more… more

  19 December 2010       ZET Kayaks

New WEB in Germany and UK


We would like to present the new websites of  ZET distributors in Germany and UK If you are from Germany or german speaking country you should check it out here: ZET Kayaks Germany, All the kayakers from UK can find news and important information on a new UK ZET  webpage: ZET Kayaks UK, more

  16 December 2010       ZET Kayaks



Nepal 2010Namaste, I am back in Kathmandu after more than a month on the bumpy Nepalese roads and finally got some time and internet connection. This time I flew to Nepal with a Czech crew and it was amazing to paddle with some of my friends from Czech after a long time again. After flying to Kathmandu via Dubai and Dilli, we landed just fine at the KTM airport and quite magically reunited with all our gear without much of a hassle. First couple days were spent in Kathmandu shopping supplies, haggling for camping gear, tasting local cousine and getting used to… more

  22 November 2010       ZET Kayaks